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Monday, August 29, 2011

September Specials!

First off, let me apologize about being so bad about keeping this blog up lately!  So sorry!  Things have been a little hectic around here lately!  I've accepted a job as a preschool teacher and have been going through training and conferences and work days and all that to try and get ready for the school year.  We start next week!  I'm so excited.  :)

I haven't stopped my 31 stuff though!  No way!!  Its way too fun and way too easy to make money through 31!  Remember, you can sign up anytime to be a consultant now!  $99, no strings attached, get over $300 in products and business supplies to get you started, a free website for 3 months etc...  Seriously, you can lose ladies.  At the very least you end up with $300 in stuff for $99.  But I guarantee you you will have friends and family who see the catalog (you get 25 free!) and will want to purchase some stuff OR have a party...  Have your own party one night and rake in all the hostess rewards as well as make a commission!!  That right there will be worth your $99.  Just go HERE and click "Join My Team".

Here are the September Specials!  Really great ones, as always ESPECIALLY the Hostess Special!!  If you have been thinking of doing a home party if you live in the DFW area or a catalog party (you can live anywhere!), contact me ASAP!  For September, Hostesses who reach $500 in sales automatically get DOUBLE the free products!  So instead of $90 in free stuff, get $180!!!  And UP!!!  My average party sales are usually around $700.  I have only had one hostess have a party that ended up under $500 in sales in the past year. So its really not too hard.  And regardless, you will get lots of free stuff and half priced items anyway (once you hit the $200 minimum).

For the Customer Special, for every $31 you spend, you can choose any one of these for 50% off!  Choose from 5 CUTE CUTE wallets, any Zipper Pouch or a Celebrate Card Set filled with 31 adorable cards for special occasions like birthdays, congratulations, etc.

Check the website for details!!  Click on Monthly Specials.  You can also shop online by clicking PLACE AN ORDER.

Thanks ladies!  :)

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  1. Hi Amanda! Love your 31 blog! I am a new consultant and love seeing all of your information and ideas.