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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diaper Bag Alternatives.

I've had a few questions regarding what diaper bags 31 offers.  All of 31's bags are so versatile that they don't have just one bag they call a Diaper Bag.  There are several options available that would work great AND look so cute!  All ca  be personalized with your choice of fabric of course, and if you add a name or monogram you can choose your font and thread color for just $6 more.

I use ALL of these bags in different ways but there is NO right or wrong way!  Get creative and choose what would work best for you.  I realized really quickly after my first was born that I did NOT like the standard diaper bags.  They were big and bulky and even the "cute" ones weren't really my taste.  Now I use the Cindy Tote (in a fabric from last year's Spring/Summer collection) that I love!  It is very roomy but not bulky and it just looks classic yet different at the same time.   I've got it monogrammed with the initial of my last name. (The Cindy Tote and the colors it comes in is 3rd from the bottom.)

**Click on each picture to enlarge.**

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag!!  It is such a cool bag and has the "retro" type vibe with some light distressing  around the edges.  I use mine as my gym bag but it would make a great little diaper bag as well.

My Retro Metro Bag in a print from last season.

This bag is so cute.  You can design your own little kid or kids to put on the front!

This is a new bag this season and it is huge!  It can hold a TON of your kids' junk!!  

The bucket  bag is back with some small changes.  If you need something a little smaller to hold some kid essentials this could make a super cute diaper bag.

They call this a beach bag but could also be used for just about anything, including a diaper bag.  The inside has a wipeable liner too which would work out great for any leaks or spills.  Love those prints it comes in!!

This is the Cidny Tote I was talking about above.  Go for a print or do the solid black or brown and add a pop of color with a name or monogram!

I use this bag to hold all my scrapbooking and crafting junk!  It is so so so roomy.  I have this exact one in the picture..."Mom's Stuff" saying and all!  

Last but not least....this might be one of the most popular tote bags that 31 offers.  It has  5 pockets (2 in front and 3 on back) as well as a mesh pocket on either end.  All those pockets are GREAT for moms who don't like to dig through the diaper bag to find what they are looking for!  It comes in some great prints as well.  
My Organizing Utility Tote in Paparazzi Dot.

Mesh pockets on both ends.

3 more pockets in the back!

The new catalog is HERE so let me know if you'd like me to send you one!!  And if you have already told me, you might want to send me a reminder b/c my 9 month old ATE my list the other day (what I rescued was unreadable...).  Let me know what you think!


  1. are any of these diaper bags rigid... or do they all collapse easily?

  2. Hi, I need a diaper bag and am wondering which you think would be better - the Organizing Tote Utility or the Retro Metro Bag? The pictures you've shown above make the organizing tote ultility look pretty good.

  3. Hi My name is Jessie and I would like to order a diaper bag... Just don't know which one would work best... please help!